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Blogging from Home

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"Blogging from Home" was written for easy reading and designed for the typical Internet user who wants to learn about blogging and its various use for business or personal intent.

Read the Introduction about the book / online workshop.

The book tackles the following:

Part I: Blogging 101

    * Lesson #1: Blogging 101
          o Definition
          o Structure
          o Purpose
          o Finding Blogs
    * Lesson #2: Blog Set-up
          o Blog Information
          o Platform
          o Look and Feel
          o Podcast
          o Video blogging

Part II: Blog Ethics

    * Policy
          o Copyright
          o Re-publishing
          o Advertising
          o Privacy

Part III: Content Development

    * Purpose
    * Blog Content Plan
    * Tracking Topics
    * Monitoring Blog Performance

Part IV: Promotion

    * Ping Services
    * Advertise
          o Google AdWords
          o Entrecard
    * Events
    * Contests and Writing Projects
    * Social Networks
          o Content Submission
          o Syndicate Content
          o Interact
    * Giveaways
    * Advocacy

Part V: Insights

    * Blogging
          o Handling Attacks and Criticisms
          o Managing Time at Home
          o Revenue Disclosure and Taxes
    * Opportunities
          o Consulting and Blogging Projects
          o Book Publishing Based from a Blog
    * Creating a Blog Advertising Network
    * Creating a Blog Writers Network

Conclusion: Blogging Ahead

Book info:
92 pages
ISBN # 978-0-9805061-0-5
Distribution: Australia and Philippines

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