Members Laboratory Club members have numerous projects undergoing development and for review. Here are some of them.


Asiarati is a place where you can share knowledge on Asian countries. The site is built by contributors like you who are passionate about what they know, and would like to share it to others. Asiarati entries are guides to the web, and are meant to direct readers to websites that contain more information about that particular topic. Unlike online encyclopedias, Asiarati entries are meant to be personal, and read more like a blog entry than a formal article.

Posting entries in Asiarati is free. Use it to share information about your expertise and lead readers to your blog or website. It is a great way for readers interested in your expertise to find and interact with you.


Meet people. Catch up with an old friend. Share ideas with people of similar interests. Funchain is a free, online service that lets you create shareable BLOGS. A blog is your easy-to-use web site, where you can quickly post thoughts, interact with people, and more. Funchain is also an online community that will help you CONNECT to a network of friends. It's all about expressing yourself, enhancing your life and making friends! It's fun, easy and FREE!


WitShare is a free, open service for personal or public conversation. It combines the characteristics of a forum, a poll and a group blog to create persistent spaces where meaningful thought sharing can be made. With a WitShare page, you can invite friends or your blog readers to make a stand and share their opinion on issues. Depending on how you use Witshare, it can be an decision-oriented Blog, an articulate HotOrNot, or a Meetup of ideas. Its use can range from personal humor and entertainment to public digital democracy.

If you are a club member and would like to share your project in progress, email me.