The Future of E-Commerce is Mobile (handout)
Speaker: Chito Bustamante, CEO,

Chito Bustamante believes that the Philippine market is actually ripe and ready for electronic commerce, driven by both on-line and mobile communities. Compelling products and services, especially those that immediately gratify, as they are delivered instantly are now needed.

The above topic was presented by Chito Bustamante during the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit last November 13, 2009 at Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City.

Speaker Profile:

Chito Bustamante, CEO of Chikka Philippines Inc. will review the mobile culture in which his company thrived as a dotcom and a mobile applications and services provider. In this session, Bustamante will discuss the future of mobile content: insights and the key drivers for revenue growth on applications running on wireless data networks.

Not known to many, Chito is a founder of Chikka and passionate about product development. He was a Silicon Valley based engineer first consulted on the business and technical viability of a “mobile instant messaging service” for launch in the Philippines.

Chito came up with the name "Chikka" for the service. The name also being a Filipino colloquial term for "small talk" which is the nature of many of our text messages really.

For a long time as chief operating officer (since 2002), Chito has stayed on top of both engineering and product development departments, the heart and soul of Chikka. He has led Chikka thru its ISO and CMMI Maturity Level 5 certifications, giving "a method to the madness" or the frenzy that characterized product development, marketing, quality assurance at Chikka, and making sure it could sustain the same even as the company pursues an aggressive international roll-out.

Some of Chito's more notable inventions include "TxtBack", a free-reply (sender subsidized) text service that has been a boon to pre-paid mobile users.

Chito is focused on continuous product innovation and global partnerships that will replicate Chikka's success in similar markets, as well as services adoption by the mainstream of the on-line community.

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