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In 2003, got tapped by the Bureau of Export and Trade Promotion to conduct a series of one-and-a-half day seminar on the subject of services exporting in Davao City and Cavite City. It wasn’t easy to attract participants despite the subsidized cost, because of the lack of understanding on what services exporting means. (For an introduction on this topic, please read this article.)

As government resources are scarce, we decided to come up with this online workshop with the intent of educating more individuals about it. As is also a services exporter, we hope to be able to share our personal lessons learned in this area too. The International Trade Center’s Successful Services Exporting Program served as the kernel for this workshop and we're honored to perform this capacity building program.

If you are from any of these 12 sectors (155 sub-sectors in total), this online workshop is for you:

  • Business services (including professional services, information-technology-related services, research and development;
  • Communication services;
  • Construction and related engineering services;
  • Distribution services;
  • Educational services;
  • Environmental services;
  • Financial services (banking, insurance and all services related to securities);
  • Health-related and social services;
  • Tourism and travel-related services;
  • Recreational, cultural, and sporting services;
  • Transport services;
  • Other services not included elsewhere.

Once members are signed up, expect to receive the following lessons in 6 weeks.

Lesson #1: Succeeding as a Service Exporter
Learn how to accelerate your export growth.

Lesson #2: Developing Export Markets
Learn steps for developing an export market, whether to consider internationally financed projects, and how to handle temporary business entry.

Lesson #3: Relationship Marketing
Learn the fundamentals of establishing and leveraging personal relationships to gain export contracts, a key strategy for service firms.

Lesson #4: Establishing Credibility
Learn the three basic strategies for establishing credibility in global markets and why credibility, not just marketing your services, is so important to your export success.

Lesson #5: Networking Efficiently
Learn the basics of building your network of contacts around the world and creating advocates for your services.

Lesson #6: Are you Export Ready?
Learn how to assess the export readiness of your firm and the key factors for your export success, including options for export financing and which markets are likely to be most profitable for your firm.

Lesson #7: Working with Strategic Allies
Learn how to identify potential strategic allies and use partnerships to enter export markets faster.

Lesson #8: Leveraging Cyberspace
Learn how to use the Internet to promote your service capabilities, support innovation and service delivery, and benefit from e-trade.

Lesson #9: Competing in Back-Office Services
Learn how to expand your customer base by transforming your business into a back office operations, finding foreign clients, and persuading foreign companies to outsource their business support needs to your firm.

Lesson #10: Innovating for Export Success
Learn why innovation is key to export success, the three basic ways to innovate, how to identify innovation opportunities, and how to manage the innovation process.

Lesson #11: Taking Advantage of the GATS
Learn how services trade agreement, like the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), can benefit you and help you export more profitably.

Lesson #12: Initial Market Entry
Learn how to price your services competitively, work with interpreters, and how to get started exporting.

The workshop is intended to make you knowledgeable in services exporting. Club Members who would like to earn a training certificate from us after completing this email workshop series needs to submit the assignment given after each lesson.

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